Tuesday, August 24, 2010

I Like Okra!

I ate a bunch of okra last night. It was so yummy! I also ate a little beans and rice and some chunks of avocado. The new kitchen table is higher, like bar stools (and the height of the counter between the kitchen sink/counter and the table area). My mama put my little seat on the new chair. I can now see my mama and daddy when they are on the other side getting something, and we're all at the same height when we eat together. I can tell we all enjoy it more, but I try to let my parents know I really like it a lot better. I can relax more because they don't leave and come back with food from where I can't see them. Now we can all truly spend time and eat together. Yup, things are really starting to get set up for me around here so I can run around the house as I please....or as I can, anyway.

My First Owee

I got my first real owee last night. I was standing up gnawing on one of my puzzles and sat down. The wood hit me in the mouth. It Hurt! My mama held me and told me I had hurt myself and that these things sometimes happen and that I am a strong girl and everything will be ok. She got a piece of ice in a wet washcloth for me to bite on a little, though that both felt good and hurt. She let me bite the ice and then nurse a bit when I needed some comfort and then more ice and more comfort. Mostly, I was scared because it hurt so bad so quickly right after I was having such a good time. All is well, though. There was no cut in my mouth or anything and there was very little bleeding. Nursing helped a lot, and my mama's milk is wonderfully antibacterial and whatnot -- probably the best thing for me. I woke up with a little soreness, but I barely noticed. We'll see how it affects my play today when I try to put everything in my mouth.

Monday, August 23, 2010


I love them! My mama took me to the door so we could look out at the rain. She stuck our heads and hands out to feel the rain. She put us back in, but I let her know I wanted more rain. In and out we went. The cool, tickly drops pitter pattered against my warm skin. It was thrilling!

Saturday, August 21, 2010


I am definitely ready to walk. I have walked around the coffee table with ease. I have taken many steps holding on to things and transitioning from one thing to the next. I have even taken one baby step from standing up solo, which you know I can do well now with all my squatting/standing practice. I get a bit bold sometimes and fall down in ways I have not so far. (My mama says I have had incredible balance so far.) I'm not sure what the world will be when I can walk, but I am full steam ahead on the learning path.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Remains of the Days

These are all the Maine pictures my mama forgot about. She seems to have been trying to capture as many of my silly faces as possible.

Immediate nap in the car.

Drinking some milk after waking up.

Entertaining myself....with myself.

Just learned this spitty trick.

My parents like to joke that I am singing some classical Indian music and making corresponding hand gestures.

People like this bonnet. I am not a fan of any hat or thing on my head.

I did not want to take this family picture.

Dinner at Burning Tree Restaurant. I even tried nasturtium -- peppery!

Hiking...pit stop.

Just doing a little vocalizing...

Another unwanted family picture. Seemed like I was always feeling melty or wriggly when people wanted to take pictures.

Exploring....and standing up.

Me and my daddy on the Lotus Pond stepping stones.

Daddy let me drive for a bit.

Sleepy face...


I hung out with Mamuma. She ended up putting me in the sling for a little shut eye.

After dinner, we stopped at a small batch ice cream place. I tried the Maine Blueberry Basil sorbet. Super yum! I didn't even want to try the Lavender ice cream. I did have a lot of cheese and yogurt. Still, even my mama like the sorbet best. Thank you, Mt. Desert Island Ice Cream!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Spitty Me and Mama

My Friend Malcolm

My friend Malcolm came over today with his parents. I like him so much. We had a lot of fun. We played with my toys, played the piano, read books, ate oranges, and talked together. At first my mama thought I was pushing him around, but right when she was saying that I realized I like him so much I gave him a kiss. And another. And another!

Cookin' (without Heat)

My mama went through the house and decided how things should be set up for me. Now I can be anywhere in the downstairs, and I have a whole room to myself upstairs (unless someone is visiting). She and my daddy (and Uncle Thomas) put together this kitchen area for me to play in while my mama and daddy cook. I had a good time in there cooking lunch while my mama cooked lunch.

Sunday, August 15, 2010


Everyone thinks I play all day, but really play is a lot of work. Sometimes I just come out with things. I all of a sudden came out and clapped this morning for my mama for the first time. Sometimes things are harder, and she can see me working on them for a long while. For instance, I am working on standing up. This seems simple, but it is far from it. I have to practice on all kinds of terrain. My toes and feet and legs have to balance while I am holding on to things and even sneezing! I am now working on reaching while I am standing. This will, of course, lead to taking steps which we all know leads to walking. I have a long road ahead. I remain undaunted and forge ahead with determination.

Bar Island, Maine