Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Silly Gotcha Flipbook

Additional Accomplishment

I was playing with my mama, using her legs to stand up like usual, when I decided to try standing on my own again. I wobble a bit as I try to let go usually. This time I wobbled a lot less, let go, and stood up on my own for 2-3 seconds! My mama was watching my spectacular trick, thankfully...

Beautiful Day in the Garden with My Dogs

I got fussy and wanted to be with my mama, but she was hopefully planting seeds. I had my dogs, though, whom I love.

It Happened

I crawled.
My parents were sitting outside with the guy who was at my house about gutters. My mama had me on a blanket with my IKEA toy, the one like at Anjali's house. Mala was on one side, and Peelu was on the other. I was sitting in the middle playing with my toy when I turned around and saw Mala. don't know why, but I really wanted to go pet her. I got onto all fours as usual, rocked back and forth a bit, took two knee steps (all normal)....and then I took another and three more! I crawled over to her and held her paw. Then I sat back down and strategized about how to get back to my toy.
Happily, my mama saw it, my daddy saw it, and there was a witness.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Saturday, June 26, 2010

E-Ma's Backseat Fun: Revised and Extended!?

My mama made a video/slideshow of the full set of E-Ma's pictures of my funny faces. Notice how I like to chat a bit and then look back at E-Ma, then fuss a little, and back to chatting. The music is a beautiful song Uncle Joe gave us called "Kakokolo" by a musician named Samite. Can you believe a former child Ugandan soldier makes such sweet music that little Umas like me love? I have so many people making up a big loving family around to keep me from harm and help me discover and explore the world around me and who I am. So, I give them amusing moments like this with my show of faces as a reward for travelling with me on this journey. I love you, my big family.

Summer Photo Shoot

E-ma took the photo shoot, so the work is coming....

Summer Outfit

Standin' Around

Tia Eva and Ndaiakka: Ndaia's Perspective