Saturday, June 18, 2011

My Longest Sentence

My new longest sentence is:

"In the potty, I dropped it!" (It was a bite of rice that fell in after I had pulled the potty up to the couch and placed my plate there, like a table.)

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Talking about My Blocks

I like talking. I talk about everything. Today we went on a walk and saw a mama rabbit and a baby bunny. Then when I was home I found the rabbit block. I said so. My mama took a video of me talking about the blocks and the "yabbeet."

Building with Blocks

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

New Developments

A lot has happened in a short time, but the last two months have made me a new me! There is so much new to talk about! Here are some highlights.

1. I love to climb. I climb on everything. My favorite is trying to balance. I like to balance on one foot and put my other leg way up in the air, like a ballet move. I also am into trying to balance on one foot on one of the armrests of my rocking chair. I get excited about these things. Strangely, though, I do seem to have a strong sense of balance.

2. I am talking up a storm. I put words together and make sentences. Some of my favorites are: I got it. I hold it. I coming. Mama coming. Mama and daddy sleeping. I like it. I no like it. "I hongee!" Friend go home. : (

3. I love to go on walks and remember all sorts of things. I look for rabbits and chipmunks. I pick up seeds and rocks. I comment on the water when we see it and the smell of the flowers we pass. "[sniff] Mmm! Flower!"

4. I love going to the playground. I like to swing now, but I love to go down the slide. I can climb up and go down all by myself. I can even climb down (with little assistance) those rope ladders, if I don't have shoes on.

5. I love my friends. I give them hugs. I talk about them constantly. I miss them terribly. If only I just lived on a playground with my friends.

6. I have been sleeping 6-8 hours about half the week. Sometimes I wake up after 4, but last night I slept for 9.

7. I'm going through another growth spurt. I want milkies, my teeth are hurting and red and swollen, I eat constantly ("I hongee!!!"), and I feel fussy.