Thursday, April 29, 2010

Sunday, April 25, 2010

More from the Family Garden

Spitty Me and Daddy: Repost

My mama just realized this video never got posted...and I'm so funny in this one!

EC Magic

The other day my mama was holding and nursing me diaper free when she felt a hot flash. She thought I peed on her, but when she checked nothing had happened. She went back to doing whatever she was doing, but then she stopped and thought aybe she should potty me. Sometimes parents will have that feeling, and it can be a sign of pottying--one of those freak things that hapens from a strong connection. Well, she stopped and took me. I immediately pooped and peed. Yay for the magic of EC!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Gettin Down and Dirty

Check out my first dirty face from a full day of gardening!

Silly Daddy, Laughing Me

Chillin with the Fam

I love watching my doggies Mala and Peelu when my family is hanging outside. Well, my parents are working on the garden, but me and my dogs are chillin!

Sweet Sleepy Smiley Nook

My daddy took this while mama was at work. Of course, he missed the best part when I was super duper smiley and practically laughing in my sleep, but he thankfully got this.

Outfitted for Adventure

My daddy got me this frame backpack so he can take me around so that I can see. My parents have been using this for me while we garden together. My parents have each worn me while shoveling dirt. I have happily sat there while my daddy built a bed and filled it in. I have even taken a nap in there. It's pretty comfy, and I like being outside with my family. I can't wait for the food to come!

The Great Escape

I am getting big, but swaddling is still helpful. Even so, I like to escape, just to get my fingers in my mouth.

More Stand Up

BananaRama: Live


My First Taste of Banana!
My mama was eating a banana. I lunged and grabbed it, got banana on my hand and licked it off happily before she realized what I was doing. I was so into it, my parents decided to let me suck on the banana. I happily worked a little nip off, squishing it up in my mouth. That's all I wanted, or got to have, just a teeny bit, but it was a fun-filled family moment. I can't wait to try avocado!

Tickling the Ivories

Family Reunion!

My friend Anjali and her parents came over. SO FUN! They are like our family away from our family. We're all so busy that we don't see each other often. In fact, we had to miss our schedule play/work (on the garden) date on Jeremy's birthday because me and mama were sick. Life just happened to make business for them out our way so they came over for the afternoon. It was so nice to have another family to hang out with, and of course I loved getting to know my friend Anjali more. I stared at her and said hello, but I'm not sure she saw or understood me. I'm not worried, though. We have a lifetime to bond. Soon, our daddies will start hanging out, and we will begin our musical study together. Don't we have the best daddies ever?! I love my life.

Most Recent Jumpy Me


Let the Lessons Begin!: Live

Runny Cuteness

Let the Lessons Begin!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Recent Developments

Well, I am quite the big girl. I know my parent have said this before, but I really am getting older. Sometimes, I don't need swaddling to stay asleep; my flailing limbs don't phase me like they used to. Sometimes I can get put down while I'm awake and I can go to sleep on my own. Sometimes, apparently -- as my parents learned last night -- my mama can put me down for the night and if I wake up after an hour or so my daddy can go in and talk to me and put me back to sleep. Wasn't my mama happy to know that! Surprise, mama! My daddy helps my mama out in so many ways, but this one is new because she is in charge of night time. Previously, my daddy was only able to buy my mama an extra 5-20 minutes of time before bed if I woke up earlier than expected. So, knowing that I'm ok with going back to sleep and not eating (since I'm eating all night anyway) means that my mama sometimes gets a bit more free time.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I Am a Loving, Generous One

A benevolent baby, you might say.

My mama isn't sure why, but I surprised her by sleeping from 6:30 pm to 1:15 am last night. That is 6.5 hours! I haven't given her that kind of time in over a month. Maybe over two...

Usually I go to sleep around then and wake up *at most* after three hours. Generally I have been waking up after two, and more than occasionally after one. Not last night. Is it this cold? I had a good day yesterday after mama got a giant snot ball out of my nose--not too much congestion after that. (She, on the other hand, is not doing nearly as well as me.)

My mama usually side nurses me, so I've been in bed, attached mostly, all night. For the past couple weeks, I wake up when she walks in. I can smell her, you know. Not last night. I didn't care that I could smell her. She happily tossed and turned to get comfortable and in a position that let her breathe, spraying throat spray and drinking water. This is a major luxury, you see, this tossing and turning, since she usually has to keep still for me. (She has successfully detached herself and turned over to sleep in a position she likes and needs -- bad shoulders still from years of volleyball. She thinks it's a big secret, but I know and let her do it as a gift.)

So, there you go, mama. Another big present for you. And it's not even your birthday. I just knew you were sick and needed some sleep to catch up. (Like that time when you had a very important and long meeting to start back at work and I slept the whole two and a half hours even though my longest nap at that point was at best just over an hour.) Since I have been depriving you of deep sleep for the last couple weeks with my teething and this cold, I thought you deserved it. (Mama says, "Thank you, dearest baby Uma.")

Monday, April 19, 2010

My First Cold : (

I have my first cold. It's what to be expected with me and my mama in a box filled with germs and transporters of germs. I am very snotty and have a low fever on and off (maybe, my parents aren't obsessed with the thermometer since I seem relatively normal and even happy at times). My daddy got me a nice soft bulb to suction snot out of my nose. Yes, so glamorous. The first time, it took both of my parents to do it, but it worked so well I was smiling after while I was nursing. Then, when my mama got me home after school, she suctioned my nose again. This time I knew what was coming: relief. I stayed perfectly still while my mama, all by herself, carefully put the bulb in my nose and suctioned each nostril a time or two. I needed her to know that I don't mind that because it really does help me out.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Photo Shoot

My E-ma arranged to have some pictures taken while we had four generations together.

Friday, April 16, 2010

My Teeth

The other day I had a slight fever, though it didn't totally dampen my spirits. I have had a hard day today, however. I cried all day when I was away from my mama. My teeth are hurting badly. My daddy got more of the homeopathic liquid for teething relief. My mama was giving it to me every night before bed. They didn't know, but it was really helping make the pain manageable. They ran out day before last. The last two days have been hard. When my mama got home today, we took some pictures with my Zofta before she leaves to go back to Canada tomorrow. Then my mama took me upstairs and put me to bed. She gave me that stuff, I nursed and went right to sleep. Woke up less than an hour later, got some more teething stuff, nursed and went right to sleep. Repeat one more time. I am finally getting some relief so I am catching up on the zzzz's I missed while screaming all day. I'm sorry, daddy, for screaming all day. Thanks for taking care of me and making me feel safe and loved.

Daddy Tummy Time: The Video

Singer Songwriter

Daddy Tummy Time

And then my teeth hurt...