Sunday, October 31, 2010


Dog and Sleep are my favorite signs. Tonight, while I was taking my time going to sleep, I was being so sweet and cute with my mama. I gave her lots of kisses to keep her spirits up and let her know I loved her, that I just wasn't ready. I sat up and signed dog and pointed outside. Mama said "The dogs are sleeping. The dogs are sleeping outside." I said what I said, and she said what she said. Then I signed, "Dog, sleeping." That seemed to make her happy. She said that yes, the dogs were sleeping and it was time for me to go to sleep too.

One Year Ago...

One year ago, I was a pumpkin belly.

My mama's last day of work was one year ago today, Oct. 31, Halloween. She went into started warm up and early labor the next two days and had me on Nov. 3. Yes, I am turning one year old. My mama loves me dearly and misses the littlest of me. Still, I am so loving and sweet and strong and smart that she continues to be content with the overwhelming love and awe she feels in the moment. I love my mama. We will always love each other. This is just the first of our years together. Who knows what the years ahead will bring?

Sicky Pants

I had a fever and runny nose yesterday. My mama thinks it was from my teeth. I was feverish on and off all day, wanted to be held by my mama all day and went in and out of sleep. This meant that my mama didn't get much actual sleep the past two or three days because I have been restless. My teeth are really hurting me, and yesterday I could breathe sometimes because of the snot. My mama and daddy have a Nose Frida that they like. I don't like it at all, but yesterday I did hold my head still on my own even through my screaming because I knew it would help me feel better.

Today I woke up having slept a bit better early this morning (and my mama too). I am dancy pants, and I love my ball again. I am not 100%, but my mama is happy to see me more playful and awake and nookity.

Technical Correction

Technically, my first signtence was "Dog, outside." Just to clear up any confusion. Dogs first, mama second.

Friday, October 29, 2010

My First Signtence

I signed my first sentence today. I was climbing all over the place, and my mama was so tired she was trying to nap on the couch. I climbed over her and off the couch. I tapped my mama on the arm to get her attention. I pointed at her. She said "Mama?" Then I signed sleep. "Mama is sleeping." My first signtence!

Chomp Chomp Flipbook and Video

My mamama and poppa got me a walker with chompy alligators. I. Love. It. A whole lot. It has enough traction to stay still while I lean on it to stand up. I am definitely going to use it to learn how to run.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Early Walky Pants

My mama's life has been hectic of late. I go to sleep at nine now, which means she can't get much work done since she comes home late sometimes anyway. I stay awake because I miss her. I time my naps to be right before she comes home. She has a lot going on at work, too, but I've been going there at least once and lately twice sometimes just to get some milk and comfort and face and arm and kissy hug time with my mama. We love each other so much. We are so grateful for my daddy who takes such good care of me and brings me to my mama so we can have a strong, loving, connected family. It is hard. My mama says raising a family is hard for everyone in different ways. Some Umas in the world only have one parent to do everything that I have many people to do for me.

I seem content enough with my life, do I not? My parents have been blessed (by my grandparents) with lots of space for me to experience and use my body, what I love to do the most. My mama says she has tried to set up our home with as much "Yes" as is humanly possible. I can open cupboards and peek into nooks and grab things off shelves without being told "no" very often. Of course, some of my favorite things to explore are the "no" things: plugs, wires, buttons that turn off the Skype/phone conversations I am having with my grandparents, the oven and dishwasher, and--most of all--little things off the floor. My daddy is constantly telling me not to put things in my mouth that I picked up off the floor. I love my parents, but that doesn't mean I understand them. I like these things, and I want to explore. I foresee us having these conversations more because LOOK! I can walk!

The whole point is, my mama took a long time to get these moments of early walking to you because I and those kids at school have been needing her like crazy lately. I can now walk way better than this thanks to another sudden development. In fact, that is the night that I woke up in the middle of the night, sat straight up in my swaddle, smiled away and said, "Thath! Thath!" The next day, when my mama got home, she told my daddy about it. While they were talking about it I said what sounded very, very close to Dog, signed dog and pointed outside (my usual conversation). It sounded, strangely enough, like what I had said at night, but with more clarity. In fact, I said my third word, which is (in hindsight) probably my first word because my mom mistook this very sound for me saying bath. She had good reason; we were going to take a bath. It is clear now, though, that I was really saying "dog." So, it would seem that "dog" was my first word, followed by mama and then a much clearer spoken/signed "dog" that came with walking.

All that, after this video...


These is more footage from my last visit with Malcolm. I don't get to see him this weekend, but I will see him next weekend.....AT MY BIRTHDAY PARTY! Yes, I imagine there will be much silliness then, too.

Monday, October 25, 2010


I am now officially a walker. I spent most of the day walking. I only crawl around the stairs and if I get exhausted. Even then I just take a little break and begin walking all over again. I sometimes try to walk fast. I can take lots of steps. I am learning to run. My mama sees that I want to. Learning is fun! I love what my body can do.

Bestest Friends

My good friend Malcolm came over after we missed him at our good friend O'Rae's 1st birthday. He is so much fun! I love him. He likes to play piano, and I like to stand on the piano and dance. He likes nooks, and I like nooks!

Heft, Helpful Nook

Now that I can walk, I like to test myself. I like walking up inclines and holding big, heavy things. Testing my balance is fun and hard. (It is also a bit scary for my mama because I am most fond of unstable, unsolid surfaces to test my climbing skills, too.) My mama sees that I am also working on being helpful. Here is me helping Jeremy Uncle and Madhavi Auntie by taking out the (empty) compost bin.

Visiting Big Girl Anjali

Sunday, October 24, 2010

O'Rae's 1st

Saturday was the celebration of the 1 year anniversary of my good friend Olivia Rae's birth. We have known each other since we were "bumps in a belly" as my Aunt Darla says. Olivia was busy with all her family and friends, the cake, presents and a photo shoot. I saw the photos going on and decided to get in there. I walked right over there and asked to get in the pictures. I wonder what of our cuteness was captured!