Thursday, August 25, 2011

More Play Time with Jonah and Leela

Adventures at Malcolm's

My First Braid

Party for Daddy's Birthday


A Stick

I like sticks. I'm always picking them up. My mama liked this stick because it looked like a cane. She caught the final moments.

Singing Squeaking Swing

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Singing Nook

My parents are always singing. To me, in general. It's no wonder then that I am singing, too. For some reason, ever since cousin Asher invited me to his birthday party (where I went on and down and over many a mighty obstacle) I like saying "Happy Birthday to You." I make my mama sing it usually. Lately, I've been singing it. I just like music......what can I say?

Ready to Go Out

Walking Along

Notice how I hold my hands behind my back, like Poirot....

Yawny Monster

Jumpy Me

I Put on My Pants!

I put my pants on! And I pulled them up! (with a little help from Daddy along the way) For the first time! Yay me!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Helping Out in the Kitchen

I like helping out. I try to help out whenever I can. Sometimes my help is very helpful and sometimes it's more fun for me than anyone else. I especially like to help with the cooking. The other day I helped my mama put the cut green beans into the steamer as she cut them. We had a quick and efficient set up. I got tired after about 15 minutes, though.

Today, my mama made corn soup with all the corn we got from the CSA share. My daddy was shucking corn and showed me how.

Random Pictures from Our Visit to Kansas

Dancing with a Pretty

I like pretties. These are ribbons, strings, scarves and other wrappy things. I like to dance and twirl with them. I sometimes get distracted trying to get them on the way I want, though. Tying around my waist is the hardest....

Visit to Holly's House

On our visit, we went to see mama's childhood neighbor/friend Holly. Neely, Piper and McKinley were all fun to play with. We were all tired, but we spent a lot of energy outside in the heat and playing inside.

Making Puris with Mamamma

Mamamma's Shortlived Fashion Show

Mamamma wanted me to try on all the pretty things she got me from her trip to India. Unfortunately, I was in no mood. This was all she got.

On the Couch with Mamamma

Smoothie with Papa, Smoothie with Mamamma

Papa Cut the Nails

This is the first of some old photos from my visit with Mamamma and Papa over July 4th.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Bend Your Knees, and JUMP!

Climbing the Rock Wall

I am small by most people's standards, but I can move! I am getting stronger all the time. When we go to the playground I listen to my mama because there is a lot I can do, but there are some scary things, too. My mama lets me do a lot of things by myself. Sometimes I feel doubtful and ask for help. (I need help!) Then she usually encourages me to try again. I can usually do it! A long while ago I went and played on the rock wall, climbing up almost on my own. This time, I did it completely alone physically. My mama showed me the toe and hand holds, that I can use them and purposefully move to them. I practiced a number of times. This was the first. By the end, I didn't need my mama for anything.

Swinging Monkey

I am now able to swing like a monkey!

I tried to learn some new tricks from the older girls, but it didn't work so well. Just a question of more time....

Rump Bump Slide

Because the rock wall is the bigger rock wall for the big kids, the slide is a big kid slide. Yup, the rock walls come steeper and higher with toeholds farther apart, and the slide is faster and has a bigger jump at the end. Now that I am getting more independent, I go down these slides by myself unless the jump is really big. This slide gave me a significant rump bump. I wasn't sure if I liked it or not, but I did get kind of into it for a bit. My mama suggested maybe I would like to play somewhere else, and I took her up on it. I only have so much rump after all...

I Jumped!

I'm not just saying I jumped this time. I really did jump! It wasn't a jump off the ground, but I did jump with both feet at the same time and land on both. At first I was on the stairs and suddenly got excitedly jumpy. My mama led me to the bottom stair (closed the gate to reveal just the one stair) and said I could jump. I jumped with both feet right away! I also fell on my bum, but it just goes to show you how I really jumped because when I fell back on my bumbum I didn't hit my back on the stairs I had a great time. I later practiced heartily jumping off a box. I have been wanting to jump. I love to jump. Life is good....and there's more jumping to look forward to!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Exploring the Castle

Sandbox Turned Kitchen

I was playing in the sandbox with a couple of new friends. Then my friend from the neighborhood showed up with her new baby brother. We all played together. Eventually we were all cooking in a kitchen. Raisin cookies, banana cookies, and more came out of our efforts. Plates were filled and transported multiple times. It was a production, and we were all involved.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Rain Adventure

Today it was hot and muggy when we went to the farmers' market. It rained and stopped twice. Then rained again. Mama and I were inside kind of ready to move on from eating and dancing about to daddy's music. Mama asked me if I wanted to go outside in the rain. I said yes. She opened the door for me, and I stepped out. The first drips on my head had me saying, "Oh no!" I was excited though, and my mama told me I would get wet in the rain. It was actually a lot of fun. I walked to the sidewalk and back. Got nice and wet and intrigued by the stream of water rushing by the curb. I wanted more.

My mama turned off the camera and came with me on a walk down the sidewalk a bit and back. We stopped and looked at some spiky flowers, looked for bugs ("no, no bugs!"), and marveled at the water rushing again. I found a leaf, and said so, and my mama said I should throw it in the rushing water and see what happened. So I did. It rushed away so fast! I did that with a few more leaves. Some got stuck and a few flowed past bumpily. We started back (me reluctantly, my mama tempting me with a bunny hunt). After a bit, we stopped because mama heard a bird. I heard it too and signed so (my mama having just reminded me of the signs). I turned around and there was the bird on the branch. I stood mesmerized listening to it's chirping song. Then I moved to get closer, climbing up on the mound where the tree grew. The bird's song turned more intense; my mama said the bird was scared now because I was too close. ("scared?") We left and continued on only to find treasure! Acorns! I grabbed as many in each hand as I could and held them carefully all the way home.

In fact, I was entirely upset that my mama took them from me while she gave me a warm bath and got me dressed in warm clothes. I have the acorns again now, though, to enjoy playing with. "I see a cah-corn (popcorn)" What an adventure!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Smoothie Pop

My mama likes popsicles. I do, too. We make smoothies almost every day. She put some leftover smoothie in popsicle forms and froze them to try our own popsicles. Smoothie Pop!

EC Update

Some people practice EC because they want their children to be out of diapers early. My mama has held no such expectation. We are pretty low-key about things. With the heat I am often out of diapers. I was going pretty well for a little bit when my daddy went away for a while and things were changing a lot. I have grown a lot, too, and can do a lot more things. I definitely have accidents regularly. There are other times, though, when I am fairly independent. I tell my parents I need to potty or sit on the potty myself, do my business and then take the potty to the bathroom, dump it out and flush. My parents do have to rinse the potty and me, but I can do a lot. Sometimes, though, I don't feel like doing I don't. : )

Monday, August 1, 2011

Little Took and the Rainstorm

Dancy Pantsy with Babies

Carseat Ramblings

Sadly, the little song I sang vigorously after the end of this video was cut off by my mama.

Crashed Out

Sometimes I don't feel like lying down, even when I'm sleepy. In these cases, mama and daddy just lie down while I run about. Sometimes I need to get a baby to put to sleep. After playing around for a while, baby and I crashed out on the bed.