Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Drawing a Rabbit Photo

Here's a photo of one of the rabbits I drew the other day. I was drawing this first one in the sand and said "Two eyes, mama!" That's when she found out it was a rabbit. Because I told her so.See the two eyes?

Bob the Bird

Our neighbor who kindly lets me play in his beautiful spaces brings out his bird to show me sometimes. I love to see the bird, but it scares me a bit, too. I want to touch the bird, but I am scared. I want to hold the bird, but I am scared. My neighbor is patient. He says I can wait till I'm ready. I told my mama I am thinking about it....

Alphabet, As Is

Monday, March 19, 2012

New Water Feature

There is a new place for my adventures! The neighbor who lets me feed the fishies put in a new water feature in the back. I can actually walk in this one! As you can see, the water is "cooooold." My mama said when summer comes that water will feel good.

Loving Mika

The neighbor with the fishies has a dog named Mika. She is a sweetie. I am getting more and more comfortable with her. When we came up, Mika was free, but soon we saw that her lead was caught on a bush. We helped get her unstuck and then hung out for a while in the back with her.

Hey to Angel Baby Boy

My mama told me that cords have electricity in it that is fire. I explained this to angel baby boy before running off to the rest of my adventure.

Hold on to the Pants!

We went on a walk the other day (more video coming), and my pants kept falling down. My mama thought it was funny to watch me running while holding my pants. I help my pants all the way to the fish and all the way back.

Singing Away

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Sing Along Series

I love to sing. I love when other people sing. I ask Mamamma to sing all the time. I make my mama sing silly songs in the moment. Luckily, she is inclined to do this kind of thing anyway. She loves when I sing, though. Here are some bits of me singing.

Chasing Birds

Making Dots

Drawing a Rabbit

I drew a few rabbits in the gravel with my finger. I first added some eyes on one, which my mama thought was new for me:

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Friday, March 2, 2012

Riding a Bike! For Real!

My mama took me (and baby, but he slept in the sling the whole time) outside so I could practice riding my bike. I have been out before, but I am really just barely on the side of big enough, especially with my snow boots on. We had the biggest adventure, turns out. The bike riding was just the beginning, but here's some footage of my learning.

I do have a hard time coordinating holding the bike (which just wants to fall down on its own). I ask for help to pick up the bike, but my mama helps me try on my own again.

The sidewalk is flat enough and our house is at the top of a hill. I used the incline to give me momentum, but it meant I can pick up speed quickly. I practiced stopping by putting my feet down and going by picking my feet up. I also stopped along the way. You know, to smell the roses...

After this video ends I really got brave. I also got stuck where the bike wouldn't go on it's own and I had to figure out how to make it go. I put my head down and pushed forward with my whole body. This worked well, but was scary and caused me to fall down. I was truly getting into the heart of the art of bike riding, but I was also at the peak of my frustration level. I wanted to ride more, but it was more difficult than I could handle after 30 minutes and so much learning. I had a bit of a breakdown. My mama sat next to me on the sidewalk while I decided if I was going to go to see the owl (who we heard awaken and who features in our subsequent adventures) or if I was going to go to the playground. It turned out that I just needed to get some feelings out after the intensity of facing my fears and riding my bike for real for the first time. We left my bike there and went to see the fish where the most glorious surprise adventure awaited us.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Horsie Goes for a Ride

Owl vs. Dove

We heard an owl on a walk. And we heard a dove. They sound similar. My mama and I talked about the differences. It came up again when there was an owl in a book I was reading.