Monday, March 29, 2010

New Developments

  1. I reach for my mama once in a while. 
  2. I intently watch and try to figure out the sign for "diaper" when my parents sign that to me. Sometimes, especially when I'm calm, I will hold my feet in my hands so my legs are up while my mama tucks the diaper under my bum. Then I will straighten my legs so she can close the diaper.
  3. I love to jump, stand, walk forward and be up high (when I am sleepy). My mama is going to start signing the word "jump" to me and has started signing "up" when she is going to pick me up.
  4. I can track things and people with my eyes very well.
  5. I love to watch my mama and daddy do things while I'm in the sling.
  6. I like to watch people drink water. I watch my mama hold the bottle to her mouth over and over. She has started signing water to me.
  7. I love to watch the pages turn and look at the pictures and words when my mama reads a book to me while I'm on the potty. My mama signs the word "book" to me at these times.
  8. I scream -- when unhappy, when tired especially.
  9. I grunt. I have taken to grunting just like my parents when they cue me to poop. I do it all the time, though, not just when I need to poop. This confuses my parents, hee hee.
  10. I for sure know the sign milk. I sign it to my parents or know that they are signing it. I know what it means for sure.
  11. I am communicating to my parents about the potty. My mama will talk to me and ask me to tell her when I need to potty or to stop eating when I need to go potty. She just started that last bit, but I do tell her when I need to go and respond when she signs to me to make sure she knows I need to go.
  12. I definitely go to sleep by 7:30 pm. My mama usually puts me down in that last nap so I wake up in the room or go to the room by 6:30. I have had a hard time starting from around 3:30 pm most days this week. I get upset and scream. My eyes get red, tears fall, my mouth gets pouty and cute.
  13. I love to stare at my daddy's hands when he drums. I love to listen to my parents singing.
  14. I can't nurse with people around very well anymore. Just too interesting.
  15. I seem to be teething. There are definitely times where I don't want to nurse, but I want to bite on something. The carrot seemed ok. The apple seems better. My mama puts apples in the fridge for me so they are cold. 
  16. I watch my parents eat. I have friends who are already lunging at their parents' food. I am not there yet.
  17. I can grab things fairly easily. Getting the into my mouth and holding them there is something else.
  18. I know the "sleep" sign. When my mama puts on the sling she does that sign and I smile. Once I was so tired and fussy. She showed me the sling and that sign. I calmed down and waited patiently while she put it on. I even smiled at her and chatted while I waited!
  19. I look at my parents lovingly all the time.
  20. I am only going to get bigger, smarter, cuter, sweeter, stronger, ..........

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Super Jolly Jumper Video

I'm Learning Spanish

Jolly Jumper Video 1

True Carrot Nom Nom Video

My Grandpa and Me

My Abuelita and Me

Jolly Jumper

My Zofta bought me a jumper. I LOVE IT. I jump, jump, jump!

Another Reunion for Mama

My mama met up with her friend from college. We went to lunch. I showed her how interesting and smart and strong and cute I am.

Take Baby to Work Day

True Carrot Nom Nom

My teeth are for sure making themselves known. A while ago, my mama gave me a carrot to gum up. I liked that it was so cold. 

I got another carrot today, but then my mama gave me an apple. I liked that one a lot, better than the carrot. I'm not sure if I liked that it was cold, or that it was a bit squishier than the carrot, or that when I smooshed into it I got a rush of sweet juice. I am loving exploring these things.


Four Generations!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


I have made a bedtime for myself. By 6:30 pm I am getting sleepy and fussy. I like to play, though, so after a bit of playing, my mama takes me to bed. She potties and swaddles me. Then I nurse and hang out with her for a while till I fall asleep. She comes in whenever I wake up next to feed me, though she will start going to sleep with me probably when she goes back to work soon. Lately, though, I have been staying asleep for 3-5 hours. I seem to like waking up around 1230 am. Everything will probably change when my mama goes back to work, but I will most likely still want to have the same bedtime.

Photos from/with/by Auntie Lala

My Zofta Is Here!!!!

My great-grandmother, my daddy's mom's mom, has come from Canada to see me! She knit me the beautiful blanket on me in these pictures. Gave me the new, me-sized teething rings, a chewy froggy and a cutest of cute hats! Oh, and TONS of LOVE!